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06/06/2009 Posted by Shelly Ng

Self-service pet baths at Unleashed Pet Spa. For pet owners who prefer to wash and groom their pets on their own but need more space and equipment than might be available in their apartment, Unleashed Pet Spa has a self-service pet washing area. Bathe your pet in their secure, modern stainless steel tub then dry them with the powerful pet dryers in a separate, semi-private room. Unleashed Pet Spa provides shampoo and grooming tools, including a variety of brushes.

New York Magazine: Unleashed Pet Spa
Posted by Kathryn H. Cusimano

Unleashed Pet Spa offers grooming services and an array of toys and accessories for your dog. The retail area’s wide-ranging wares include T-shirts, toys, Bella Bean collars and leashes, and plenty of shampoos and coat conditioners for every breed. But the best deal here is the self-service option: For $19, Unleashed provides a large tub, brushes, shampoos, and a professional groomer’s dryer for owners to wash their pets themselves. The option particularly appeals to budget-conscious owners with large dogs that are difficult to wrangle into an apartment bathtub. The grooming space is clean and low-key, accommodating no more than three dogs at one time. Newly fluffed pooches receive treats on the way out.

NYDailyNews: New York City’s best deals for pet stuff
03/18/2009 Posted by Staff

Scrub up a dirty pet of any size and shape with a $19 walk-in bath and blow-out at the East Village’s Unleashed Pet Spa & Self-Service Pet Wash. The price includes the use of a tub or stall, selection of natural shampoos, apron and access to any of their three staff members for help or advice.

Yelp: Unleashed Spa & Self Service Dog Wash
12/14/2008 Posted by Dave T.

Finally! Another self-service dog wash in NYC! Unleashed has a really pleasant atmosphere and is run by friendly dog lovers who are really helpful and will guide you through the process. Basically they let you use a professional grooming tub equipped with a rubberized ramp to get your pup in and out. The whole thing is in a private glassed-in area so there are no distractions. There’s an attachment for your dog’s collar so they’ll hold still while you wash them. There is a hand-held spray nozzle with adjustable temperature, a selection good quality shampoos, a blow dryer, a waterproof apron, and towels. It’s a top-notch setup that will get you a clean and happy dog for not a lot of money.

insiderpages: Unleashed Pet Spa & Self-Service Pet Wash
12/15/2008 Posted by GC66

Friendly, helpful staff even in self-service dog wash. Reasonable prices and my dog loved it. We will be regulars here. They are open on Sundays which is a big plus! The facilities are clean and I can’t say enough how great the staff is.

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