Breanna HolderBreanna Holder
17:37 15 Dec 22
Circling back to say that Unleashed Spa, not only resolved the issues, but did so quickly and kindly. After speaking with Kim, I feel like I will 100 percent be giving this groomer another shot. Everyone I spoke to was so kind and genuine, and I was reassured that service like that would not happen again.PREVIOUS REVIEW*I am not happy with the services my dog received from this groomer. He was matted around the problem areas like his ears and his armpits and paws. I asked to have his body/legs shaved down as well as his ears but specifically asked them NOT to shave his head or cut his eyelashes. I even showed them a picture of my favorite cut on him so that there would be no confusion. As you can see in my photos, they did not listen. The groomer completely ignored my requests and upon further examination knicked my poor boy a couple times..the ears are extremely irritated and also have knicks in them which is terrible because he’s already on medication for an infection. All of this would be expected from a cheap groomer, however these services were not cheap (300 plus tip). I should have walked out when they wanted to charge me a 40 dollar “handling” fee BEFORE they even knew how my dog would react. FYI he’s never had any issues at any other groomers. This place is an absolute scam and dangerous, we will NOT be returning. 2 stars because the front desk lady was actually very nice, even though it was probably fake.*
Jasmine FlakeJasmine Flake
20:12 02 Jul 22
We absolutely LOVED our pup’s haircut he got here today! They saw us on short notice and were super timely/communicative/kind. Samantha was our groomer and she cut Camper’s hair today to 1/2 inch length. She advised us on the cut and listened to exactly what we were hoping for and made it even better. She is awesome and the cut is perfect for this summer heat. Camper left happy and will definitely be coming back 🙂
lisa zlisa z
20:39 04 Jun 22
Just took my 8lb pom to be groomed at this place which I go to regularly and I can tell you that I am really satisfied with the groomer Michelle. She did a beautiful job and I am happy my dog looks great with this haircut. I cannot wait to come back here and I made the right decision picking Michelle because she was kind and understanding. Thank you.
Ava RandaAva Randa
17:53 15 Jan 22
Just took my 2lb 16 week old puppy here for the first time. It was her first time getting groommed. Kim the owner was so kind, and the groomer, Karina was so gentle, patient, and lovely.I'm happy that they eased my dog into grooming-- I asked for a particular cut and they were transparent saying if my puppy was too scared they'd trim her just a bit instead of traumatizing her for the first time by doing the short cut I requested. What more can you ask for! I'd much rather have service like that (people who are considerate and care for my animal)!I cannot wait to come back here. Attaching before and after photos
Brianda GonzalezBrianda Gonzalez
03:03 19 Nov 21
Brought my 5 month old maltipoo puppy here for a light trim around his eyes and hygiene areas and was so sad to pick up an entirely different dog. I spoke to the groomer for 10 minutes and gave clear instructions, specifically asking that he look natural, that we maintain his puppy coat and that no more than 1/4 of an inch be trimmed at all. They ended up taking 1 and a half inches and giving him an awful mullet. Shaved his eyebrows and nose bridge entirely and gave him a very unnatural rounded shape to his legs. Their team was super kind and apologetic, and even gave me a full refund, which I appreciated, but I still would unfortunately never be able to return here after such a poor outcome for my pup.