• House Calls

    In-home grooming is a wonderful alternative for those dogs with special needs or owners who would prefer not to make the trip to the shop.

  • Full-Service Pet Grooming

    At Unleashed Pet Spa, our number one goal is to treat your pet with respect and to contribute to the health of your furry friend.

  • Self-Service Doggie Bath!

    Self service dog washing is a fun family experience with your pet! Many pet owners prefer to wash and groom their pets on their own.

  • Natural And Organic Alternatives

    We are pleased to announce the availability of our new, cedar oil formulation, an eradication and abatement program for flea, tick, mite and bed bug control!

Full-Service Pet Grooming

This New York pet grooming store and pet boutique offers reasonable prices for bathing, blow-drying, brush out, and more! Our pet relaxation techniques will reduce your pet’s anxiety, stress, and pain. Proof of Vaccination is required

Self-Service Pet Bathing

Bathe your pet in our secure, modern stainless steel tub then dry them with powerful pet dryers. All you need is your dirty dog! Treat your pet to the professional grooming services they deserve. Proof of Vaccination is required

Hours of Operation:

7 days a week 8:45am to 6:00pm

Call us, 212.533.9300

Or e-mail us for details.