New York Magazine – Best of New York 2011: Help Yourself

Unleashed’s self-serve stations are the closest urbanites can get to a summer-afternoon-in-the-driveway doggie scrub-down. Your $19.99 buys access to pet shampoos, scrubbers, brushes, towels, a professional dryer, and a ramp-equipped stainless-steel tub. The setup accommodates even the most unwieldy of pets: The largest dog competing at Westminster this year, a 185-pound Newfoundland, came in for a preshow bath.

Best of New York Neighborhood Guide – East Village

CBS New York: NYC’s 6 Best Dog Groomers And Care Services

This East Village dog spa offers full service grooming in addition to a do-it-yourself dog wash. Owners can bathe their pets in a stainless steel tub and dry them in their pet dryers. The service includes shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels and some professional guidance. But if you want to fully pamper your pet, go for the aromatherapy and blueberry facials. Also check out their natural and organic alternatives for ridding pets of fleas. – How to bathe your dog at home…/clean_ate_hgpVyIkbbvhiK8HUlmIbVK

Featured in: Martha Stewart Magazine

Featured in: Martha Stewart Magazine –

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Unleashed Spa Highlights in the Media

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From a National Geographic Documentary “Two Kenyan Guys Take New York.”

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