Full-Service Pet Grooming



Unleashed Spa is dedicated to giving your dog/cat the best care.  We put your pet’s health and well being first.  We have some of New York City’s most talented and caring groomers. Unleashed Spa New York pet grooming store and pet boutique offers reasonable prices for bathing, blow-drying, brushing out, nail clipping, blueberry facials, haircuts and  aroma therapy treatments for your beloved four-legged friend. The pet facial and aromatherapy will definitely help reduce your pet’s anxiety, stress, and pain.



Every appointment will begin with a consultation with the groomer to discuss cut type, skin and coat condition and medical history. This ensures the best grooming experience and outcome.

Once your pet begins the grooming process, feel free to stay and watch through our floor to ceiling glass wall or take a break and we will call you upon completion.  You can also shop for pet toys, treats and accessories for your newly preened pet.

Treat your pet to the professional grooming services he or she deserves. A caring, cleansing, color brightening experience!

Call us,  212.533.9300, or e-mail us for details.




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